Debuting their first single ‘Think Fast’, Sheffield based rock band Bog Woppit have certainly made it their mission to leave an impression – but whether that be a good one, well, that’s for you to decide.

Living up to the expectation of the song’s title, the accelerated tempo delivered within the introduction certainly requires you to ‘think fast’. Within a second of the first chord, you are bombarded with a massacre of uncharmed noise. A combination of both heavy pounding toms, scratches of electric strings, and then mangled together with a penetrating baseline – it all appears to form a very tousled mess of musicality. And without a set beat that flows in time with the rhythm, everything just seems ‘off’ – proving it quite difficult to listen too.

Moving through the chancy melody, you are welcomed by grunge-esque blurred vocals. Providing a range that sits equally with the bass’s chants, the words omitted become lost within the wild forest of the instrumentation. Causing the purpose behind the song to grow distant – and instead of getting on your feet, you are sat trying to figure out what’s being murmured in your ears.

The punk-rock-infused tone that the band were going for is certainly there, but the delivery needs some work. If I was to offer one piece of advice, it would be to remember that sometimes less is definitely more. However, with that being said, ‘Think Fast’ may be the untamed, eruptive track someone is in dire need of. But for me, I need a bit more stability in my music.