Borito – My kind of love

Since releasing their debut single ‘Nice & Slowly’ it’s fair to say that Israeli four piece ‘Borito’ are turning indie heads across the globe. With melodic floating guitars and indie dancefloor driven chorus’ it’s easy to see why the band are easily becoming indie fan favourites from all corners of the planet.

There’s no denying that there are influences here from Mac Demarco to Courtney Barnett, Whitney to Dr.Dog, The Strokes to Darwin Deez. It’s hard to name artists that you can’t hear in Boritos music. Now you may think I’m coming on strong, but as soon as you listen to the latest single ‘My Kind Of Love’ you will be in agreeance.

In true Borito fashion the single opens with those signature melody-driven guitars and straight away you’re in for an indie-pop treat. You’re slapped directly in the face with that simplistic but aggravating chord progression, backed with a bass and drum section that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Vampire Weekend album. Everything seems to be played with such ease it’s annoyingly impressive and completely immersive. 

‘I don’t wanna talk no more/ Just hold me like before’ insists front woman Yael Copeland, her love affair vocals are as welcoming and inviting as the lyrical approach. The track itself dives headfirst into relationships whether it be past or present, future or non existent. Longing for a deep relationship and commitment from a female point of view, it’s embracing and I’m sure many will be emotionally connected to the strong heartfelt lyrics. It will be championed with woman all over and will inevitably become a Borito fan favourite.

The debut album ‘What we have now’ is due to be released soon and will be on most, if not all indie fans release radars.