Bosola – Soil & Dust

Newcastle has a new artist on the horizon, and he’s about to steal your heart. Tim Cox aka the mind behind sensational new project Bosola, ‘Soil & Dust’ is the latest release from the North East singer-songwriter. A shimmering light of hope upon the music world, Bosola comes in a time of need. Paving the way for his inspiring forthcoming EP ‘How Sick I Became, Running From Myself’, the latest release is built upon positive energy.

While the track is built around an uplifting sound of hope, the lyrics are inspired by that conflicted feeling you get whilst in a relationship. Detailing the joy but also the uncertainty of what’s around the corner, ‘Soil & Dust’ illustrates the importance to live now in the present.

The title was influenced by the question of, ‘Is this all worth it?’. Do you put effort into something so there’s common ground, aka the soil, or it something that’s doomed, aka blow away like dust – who knows, it’s your turn to put your own twist on it.

Poetic yet easy to understand, the relatable number walks upon familiar ground whilst still sounding refreshing. Many songwriters have written about this story before, but Bosola‘s interpretation will leave you fully emphasising. Instrumentally, the track is prominently indie-rock and could easily sell out an arena of punters.

Imagine the scenes now, pint in one hand and your other hand fist-pumping the air, ‘Soil & Dust‘ is being performed live… life is good again.