Boxes – Electric Lights

With a well-defined and polished country sound that brings to mind the golden age of Americana, Boxes are the natural evolution of what comes next. 

Whilst some country acts have tried to stray into darker, more mature themes such as drug abuse and poverty in recent years, Boxes keeps the classic upbeat sound. Electric Lights, at its heart, is an uplifting love song that’s well polished and strong in its delivery. 

There’s a very obvious school of thinking with Boxes songwriting, using twanging guitars and drawling vocals to express the genre and their very clear love for it. Despite their roots in the Lake District, about as far from the typical setting that country often evokes, Boxes make the sound work for them.

Peppering in some much more British influence that brings to mind images of the rolling hills of Cumbria and the shining lights of cities such as Manchester and London, makes for a more relatable sound for the British listener. 

It’s an odd pairing, having that classic sound combined with lyrics that are much more familiar. Not that fans of the genre from other parts of the globe won’t have something to find here. The country-western sound runs thick in the blood of Boxes songwriting, making for a welcome listen to any genre fans. As well as being a fun, easy listen for anyone who’s up for giving up and coming talent a listen.