Brain Circus – Mindless

Four-piece Sheffield rock band, Brain Circus, deliver some serious head banging action in their latest release, Mindless. Delving the land of smokin’ riffs and catchy lyrics, the new track comes after their first official single, Sympathetic Side, and maintains their growing-to-be trademark grunge-infused indie mien, through their explosive instrumentals and notable lyricism.

The track begins with an angry riff that is continued throughout the song; perhaps too angry, even. It could be said that the continuance of it throughout makes the song seem too short, in fact, given the up-tempo instrumentals and piercing vocals which are crammed in, in three minutes’ worth of chaos. Nevertheless, the short spurt of musical explosion make it all the more energetic, and ultimately, all the more exciting. . It’s almost as if they wrote it with the deliberate intention of it being stuck in your head, with the haunting yet too-cool-to-care lyrics, and sharp yet moody guitarmanship battling for musical dominance.

Aside from the self-claimed instrumental inspiration being principally derived from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the nature of the track’s lyrics are also worth mentioning. They form a compound consisting of the penetrative sound of their vocals, along with verses that are riddled with references to mental struggles which are so common in modern society… Verses which are beyond the shallowness of so many tracks nowadays, which frankly, possess the tendency of forfeiting the quality of the lyrics and replacing these with elaborately fiery instrumentals. 

However, there’s no forfeiting here – this track is an all rounder and I’d recommend having a listen, if you’re partial to having eruptive riffs and snappy vocals ingrained in your brain; making it a true circus of unforgettable musicianship.

Catch them headline our annual Pre Tramlines show at the Frog and Parrot in Sheffield