Brain Donation – Hopeless Shit

Dublin alternative rockers Brain Donation release ‘Hopeless Shit‘, and we can confirm, it’s nothing like the title. Quite the opposite of a ‘hopeless shit’, you could say this track is hopeful and optimistic. Formed around a complex guitar riff that’s stylish and fuelled with attitude, the rhythm of this track is different to your usual alternative rock beat…

“Hopeless Shit” is the second single from the Dublin outfit’s upcoming debut album ‘The Movie’. The energetic alternative rock anthem has elements of punk within the mix which is vital in today’s ever-growing industry. Artists such as IDLES are at the front of music as the faces of aggressive music, and we think Brain Donation could well be in the running too.

The new release is described as ‘a visceral response to a culture of sexual conquest imbued in an entire generation of young men‘ by the outfit, which is a statement in itself. No beating around the bush in anyway, Brain Donation say their thoughts unapologetically.

Instrumentally, the arrangement is fuelled by a hypnotic drum beat, a rockabilly tone guitar that will instantly get you jiving, a gripping bass-line and captivating vocals. In a nutshell, what else could you want? It’s blunt and diverse. Energetic and easy to listen to, if you’re into aggressive music that is.

There’s nothing shit and hopeless about this track.

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