BREEZE Premiere Video for Uplifting Debut ‘Touch the Sky’

Exploding out of the starting blocks, BREEZE are a brand new indie rock four-piece hailing from Hull. It goes without saying that indie rock from the north is head hard to measure up to, but before their first single is even out, BREEZE are already turning heads across their native East Yorkshire. Both for their own brand of explosive indie rock, and for the impressive fact the average age of the band is just 17!

Indeed, the band’s debut single ‘Touch the Sky’ instantly asserts the band as ones to watch. A little over three minutes of hugely uplifting indie rock, the band describe the track as being “about living your life as if you are the best, no matter what anyone says. The song was written in July 2020. Albert wanted to write a song that would be remembered just from the first few chords, a track that the crowd can easily be grasped and taken on by an audience live.”

And with ‘Touch the Sky’, they might just have succeeded.

With more music in the pipeline, bolstered by live dates and touring (not to tempt fate), BREEZE are already proving to be an eclectic mix of contemporary indie acts such Catfish and the Bottlemen, and britpop legends like Oasis. Bold, brash and ballsy, ‘Touch the Sky’ is a single that’s likely to bring other debuts crashing back to earth.