Britains Got Talent winner Lost Voice Guy talks to us about life after the competition, performing to the Queen and maybe Strictly come dancing?

Thanks again for joining us Lee, I first met you in a tiny comedy club in Newcastle when I spent a year on the circuit. The last time we chatted you had just won the BBC comedy award, then things took another twist for you. What made you apply for BGT after already being the winner of the BBC Comedy award?

The main reason I decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent, was obviously to meet Ant and Dec, but I also did it because I thought it would help me develop as a performer.  A lot of my comedy idols have stepped out on to that stage at the Hammersmith Apollo, so I thought it would be nice to follow in their footsteps.  The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. It was so much fun appearing on the show, and it was great to perform in front of such a lovely audience. I made some really good friends by doing the show, and the reaction from the general public was phenomenal. Of course,  i never expected to win it. In fact,  I had to cancel my summer holiday because it clashed with the final. It was definitely worth it though. I think the look on my face when I won said it all.

 How was the work load while going through each stage of the competition?

Obviously the more I was on the show, the busier I got. I think it’s affected me both physically and mentally. Obviously winning the show has meant that I’m  in the public eye a lot more than I used to be. For example, people recognise me everywhere I go now, and  I have a lot more followers on social media and stuff. That’s been quite hard to cope with at times. Mainly because I don’t have the same amount of time to just switch off and relax anymore. I’m always writing my book, or booking gigs, or replying to emails and stuff. Straight after I won the show, I was drowning in phone notifications and it did get a bit too much. I couldn’t really find any time to myself, and that effected my sleeping patterns as well. I think I’m starting to get a bit more used to it now though. It’s definitely balancing itself out. I’m also lucky to have great family and friends who have looked after me amazingly well too.

Why do you think you won BGT?

Because I’m a funny bastard.

Talk me through the day as you prepare to perform to the Queen.

The day of the RVP was a very surreal day indeed. Here I was rehearsing with the likes of Take That, George Ezra and Rick Astley like it was totally normal. Of course I was very nervous to be performing in front of Harry and Meghan. I’m just glad I didn’t hit the wrong button and swear in front of the Royal Family.

What funny stories/situations did you witness backstage at the royal variety performance?

Well I did get to meet Paul from the Chuckle Brothers. That was probably the highlight of my day. After all, he is definitely television royalty.

How has winning BGT changed your life?

Well obviously, I’m a lot richer for a start. But please don’t tell the department of work and pensions. Seriously though,  Winning the show has changed my life in so many ways. I’m busier than I ever was before, as a comedian. I’m going on a nationwide tour, and I’m also writing a book. The general public have been so supportive as well. I’m always getting stopped for selfies, and having people congratulate me. And it has been really nice. I’m very grateful for all the kind words I have received. One of the Best things to happen since I won, is that people are engaging with me a lot more, than they would have in the past. For the first time, they seem comfortable talking to a disabled person. I’m used to being stared at for negative reasons, so it’s nice to be stared at for positive reasons for a change.

What else are you looking to achieve?

I honestly don’t have any big ambitions. When I first started stand up comedy, I just thought I’d try it for a bit of fun. I never expected to be this successful in my wildest dreams. So I’m just taking it all as it comes and seeing what might happen next. I’m enjoying the ride and that’s the most important thing.

What do you do to relax away from it all?

Relax? What is the meaning of this word?

Has there been a backlash from the comedy circuit going through the BGT process?

To be honest, the comedy circuit as a whole has been very supportive since I went on BGT, and I appreciate that a lot. They’ve definitely helped me get to where I am now. They were all delighted when I won as well which was nice.

What’s next for you Lee? Prime Minister? Major Tour? The Jungle?

Obviously Strictly Come Dancing!

Good Luck with it all Lee and thanks for your time today.

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