When a British filmmaker tweeted the new billion-dollar streaming service, Quibi, his offer was simple, yet unusual. He invited the platform to make a £75,000 donation to the NHS. In exchange. his new documentary was theirs to distribute as they wish. 

“It seemed like a no-brainer to me” says CK Goldiing, an award-winning creator/filmmaker from Sheffield, UK. “The global impact of COVID-19 is huge… medically, economically and even creatively, as the entertainment industry has practically ground to a halt. With Quibi’s production schedule inevitably affected, offering them streaming rights to my new documentary seemed reasonable, and yes I admit, outrageously ambitious.” notes Goldiing. 

Goldiing saw his pitch as a ‘win-win’ scenario. Under his offer, Quibi, the $2.4 billion-dollar streaming platform boasting short-form entertainment content from Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Liam Hemsworth and Zac Efron, would receive original content, and the NHS would receive a much needed cash injection. Goldiing, of course, would enjoy new eyeballs on his work. 

“My mum was a Nurse for forty years. As a kid. I saw how stressful and thankless her job was.” he recalls. “My tweet to Quibi came from a place of genuine empathy and let’s face it, shameless optimism.”

Released today, Goldiing’s new documentary, ‘Out There’, takes place in San Diego – and follows him one afternoon as he makes a seemingly irresistible offer to the restaurants and bars lining the sidewalk.  Shot two days before the US premiere of his double award-winning short film, ’61 HUGS’, Goldiing describes ‘Out There’ as a rallying call to all independent artists who feel uncomfortable putting themselves out there.

“So many artists feel uncomfortable promoting their work and telling people about it. To them, being visibly proud of your art is unsightly, uncool and in bad taste. Sadly, because of these self-imposed shackles, few people ever see their talent.” He notes. “It breaks my heart, because so many of my friends suffer from this limiting anxiety. ‘Out There’ is my offering to any artist who struggles with this anxiety.”

A noble gesture, but one question remains: how did Quibi – which launched April 6 – reply to Goldiing’s £75,000 offer? Well, they didn’t reply at all. However, Goldiing remains optimistic about hearing from them. “I tweeted three Quibi executives – Adam Butterfield, Shawna Thomas and Brandon Lisy – none of whom tweeted back. In their defence, they’re kinda busy launching a huge streaming platform. I’m not disheartened, not even slightly, because in my head, I’m on their TO-DO’ list for May.” he smiles.

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