Broke Casino – Tell Me (I Want You)

A brand new bright and bouncy track from Manchester outfit Broke Casino? How could you resist?

With an addictive chorus that will get you moving and a funky bassline that will get you grooving, ‘Tell Me (I Wan’t You) lives up to the band’s self-proclaimed style of combining indie, rock and dance. This combo, when well-produced, makes for an inviting sound that’s hard to say no to. 

One band who have prospered off this sound already is Stockport’s very own Blossoms. It seems Broke Casino are reaping the rewards now, with them picking up some high praise from the likes of Jim Salveson (XS Manchester), who said Broke Casino are ‘sure to be a part of the city’s (Manchester) alt-indie future’.

Talking about the track, frontman Ralph said  ‘’‘Tell Me (I Want You)’ is the culmination of a year of lockdown frustration, a smash and grab rock tune with dance anthem potential. It expresses our longing for freedom, the need to get out, dance and let loose. A lust for FREEDOM, with no holds barred. We want you!’’

I did feel that the lyrics to this tune had a slightly predictable nature. How many times have we heard the words ‘I Wan’t You, I Need You’ in a song?

However, being predictable isn’t necessarily a negative. One of the benefits from the typical narrative is that it works well for a wider audience, and you can certainly see this track riding across the festival airwaves as a massive crowd bellows it back to the stage.

Having just signed a record deal with 42’s Records, it feels like this is only the early stages for the band. They have started to create a buzz around their name that will only grow bigger with time. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they do next, but I’m sure it will be exciting, whatever it may be. I’d keep your eyes and ears peeled for Broke Casino.