Broken Lines – Out of Control

A brand new track from the Pembrokeshire trio, as they go after the media and the ruling classes with their new single, Out of Control. A venomous review of a dysfunctional hierarchy which has become but more apparent though the pandemic, the Welsh rockers take aim at the whole rotten system in this snarling post-punk offering.

This is a track which translates anger into a sound brimming with passion. The bass echoes along behind as the vocals seemingly go off on a tangent, as they rant along regardless in true punk spirit. Flashes of the guitar come and go at will, adding a sense of planned disorganisation synonymous with the subject matter, as the ranting monologue continues endlessly throughout.

At times there is a clear feeling of defeatism at the state we find ourselves in, but this is soon all brushed aside by an unmistakable sense of defiance, a willingness to stand up and fight back through song. Out Of Control is a rallying cry, hand held out to those who in these toughest of times feel defeated and invites them to get back to their feet and plough on. This is the perfect track for the times we find ourselves drowning in; one that gets the blood pumping, the feet moving, and the mind thinking. A modern post-punk marvel, all hail Broken Lines!