Broomhead – Didn’t Mean It

Broomhead’s single, Didn’t Mean It, is a relaxed and easy listening track for those that love the classic song trope of losing a lover and wanting them back. 

By combining a smooth baseline, with a mellow guitar and gentle piano backings, Broomhead lull the listener into a very relaxed state as they drift along with the track. 

With a bass that’s smooth as caramel being the keystone on which the track builds off of, going at a deceivingly fast pace considering the relaxed nature of the song, you feel as though you’re in your happy place, wherever that may be. 

Along with the bass is the gentle twang of guitars that couple beautifully with piano keys. With the beautiful and careful management of combining the pair’s notes together, the two begin to meld and harmonise together almost to the point where it’s hard to differentiate the two. 

The vocals are, like the rest of the track, are easy going and easy to listen to, hitting pleasant notes and conveying a very sincere message given the subject matter of the song. 

Lyrically, Didn’t Mean It evokes the tried and true love song formula, with exclamations of apology and sadness, with the song’s namesake sprinkled in every few lines. 

The song itself takes a very non-formulaic structure, favouring to progress the song from a beginning to an end point. Starting out with the intro and progressing through multiple verses as it conveys it’s melancholy story.