Brother Jonathan – Springs

Essex based singer-songwriter, Jack Alcock, aka the genius behind project Brother Jonathan. The first single from Brother Jonathan of 2021 lives up to expectations and if anything, exceeds them.

Weaving garage rock with overdriven alternative rock meets grunge fragrances, ‘Springs‘ is fuelled with cooped up teenage angst that we all still have. Raging at the seams with grit filled with guitar tones, Jack’s vocals soar through the mix with a wide reverb added in. Recorded at Hollow Home Studios in Somerset, the track offers gentle guidance through the hectic times we currently live in.

From the first look at the track’s artwork, you may think this track is a folk-infused indie-pop number, and my goodness, you’ll be surprised when you click play. Given a sort of different indicators to what you’re going to get when you press play, the artwork is actually a genius marketing tool and brings in a different demographic who I’m sure will also fall in love with Brother Jonathan’s music.

Musically, the track includes a heavy amount of overdrive on the guitars, a John Bonham infused drum sound and swirling brass sections. Lyrically, the tracks message underlines Jack’s personal anxieties, experiences and coping mechanisms. Stating that music really helps him get his thoughts onto the table, ‘Springs‘ is expressive and up there with his best releases to date.