Building Giants – Talk of the Town

Re-releasing their iconic single Talk of the Town after more than a year of its original release, Building Giants are back to remind everyone of what put them on the map. 

Talk of the Town has built up somewhat of a cult following amongst those in the know since releasing back in late 2018, with its fun anthem style and short but sweet sound. 

With a crisp sound that includes crunchy guitars and thumping drums that are accessible to almost every audience imaginable, Building Giants are having the time of their lives with this song, and they let everyone know it.

Coming in at around two-and-a-half minutes, Talk of the Town is almost too short for its own good in the best way possible. It’s so fun to listen to and get pumped up to, it leaves you jumping up and wanting more. This certainly lends leans into Building Giants favour, it’s a great showcase of sound and skill, and leaves the listener starving for more. 

Along with the re-release comes a time to showcase the excellent music video which has just as much fun as the song would suggest, with the lads popping into a wardrobe sat in the back of a makeshift studio, and popping out the other side in a park where they can party. The cheeky mayhem that ensues fits the theme perfectly, and whilst simple, it’s a video that fun and easy to digest.