Building Giants – Trapped Inside

Alternative rock quartet Building Giants showcase a highly energetic performance with every show, whether that is live or in a studio. Recently they’ve played Camden Rocks and Kendal Calling, two huge shows that the band truly deserve to be part of.

Currently setting their sights on a UK tour this autumn, the new single will completely rock your world. Returning with their second single of the year, “Trapped Inside” will definitely be raising the band’s profile higher and higher. Delivering fierce rhythms from the drums and bass, the guitar hook in the latest track is simply contagious. It’s hard to keep any type of music original, but there’s something about that guitar riff that will make you fall head over heels. 

Written by lead singer Joe Flynn, music helps Joe cope with ongoing mental health problems. Battling through anxiety and depression, the track translates that whatever you’re going through, you can work past it. There’s a sense of motivation to become your ‘best version’ within this number that I love. It’s vulnerable in the way that it feels insecure from mental health issues, but the positive chemistry from the band prove that it’s a stepping stone to become ‘better’.

A strong track from the collective. Only thing I’d say would be to create a slightly more polished sound to the production to give it that extra ‘oomph’, but saying that, the track itself oozes with passion and a whole lot of charisma.