Bullets and Knives – Fuel

Do you ever wish you could go back in time, even for a second, just to get away from this mad world we are living in? Well, if the answer is yes, I have just the thing for you. Bullets and Knives latest single ‘Fuel’ is the quintessential ode to the 90’s rock-infused era in which many have grown to miss. Pounding full of sprightly riffs and prodigious lyricism, this Belgium based duo have single handily created an anthemic masterpiece certified to get that nostalgic essence coursing through your veins.  

Drawing inspiration from the title, this track is certainly ‘fuelled’ with colossal force. Opening with instrumentation made for a rock’n’roll star, the first thing that strikes you about this song is the bloodthirsty drive of the percussion. Ripping through each note that’s tweaked, there is an instant uproar in tempo that never seems to come back down – fabricating that ‘headbanging’ beat every true rock song needs to have.

But, behind every gutsy guitar riff and pummelling baseline, you also have the fundamental meaning. Written to symbolize the frustration of being in a job you hate, early phrases such as “do your job and stop to breathe” illustrates this so perfectly. And then accompanied by the raw-guttural vocals of the duo, you can almost feel the angst and vexation that floats between the lines.  

If there was one thing I would change about this song, it would be the length. Falling in at just under 4:40, towards the end, it feels almost repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great track, but it’s important to remember that sometimes less is more.  However, with that being said, if you’re looking for an escapist number destined to get your heart singing and body moving, ‘Fuel’ is the song for you.

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