Bullrush – Goodbye to Yesterday

With a number of years under their sleeves as a band, the South Yorkshire based Bullrush are returning from their second hiatus to date. A single not only for the youths but simply for everyone, “Goodbye to Yesterday” still identifies that the trio are back and raring to go.

With a whole lot of history under their belts, Bullrush have seen it all and are showcasing through their music that they’re ready for whatever is looming around the corner. Capturing the nostalgic essence of the nineties and the noughties, Bullrush transport their sound back to the summer of 1995 when they formed. Distinctive and capturing their youth, the Madchester sound of Goodbye to Yesterday is prominent but lingers itself entirely in a Britpop arrangement. 

Filling a wide atmosphere, there’s not much space left in the mix for movement. It’s straight to the point and grabs your attention with its refusal to be ignored. It doesn’t, however, punch you in the guts with an emotive language, it feels slightly more based around getting to the point and moving on. Musically, it repeats itself in the same structure throughout while building up momentum constantly.

There’s not much room to capture a tight performance, the heaviness of the production really does hit you right in the heart. As feedback, I’d tone the levels down ever so slightly to hear the vocals fully at their peak. Nevertheless, the track is strong and could capture a whole stadium or two. As for the glistening guitar chord at the end, the song sure does sparkle in the right places.