Bunkerpop – Time’s Up, Lights Out

When was the last time you saw a group of people all in white jumpsuits, wearing karate belts, colourful visors, and face masks? My guess is not recently. However, if you really want to then you can check out the video to Bunkerpop’s new single ‘Time’s Up, Lights Out’.

What almost seems like a homage to the New Wave artists of the past, the new track is a funky and upbeat tune that makes you want to move.

Hailing from Hull, the sextet are making use of vocals for the first time to really sell their message. The message certainly isn’t a light one either. It is one that is seething with rage at the powerful people ignoring the less fortunate in society. All in all, it’s an effort to tell them to stick it.

I think what is most impressive from the group is how they are fuelling their creativity entirely through their own hard work, to the extent of even releasing their single on their own micro-label ‘Fast & Bulbous’. This effort really shines through and has allowed them to carve their own creativity to produce exactly what they want.

Despite this level of freedom, the track might be viewed as quite repetitive. However, I don’t believe this drags it down too much because there’s enough musical excitement going on to pull you through to the end.

If that wasn’t enough, as mentioned before, the single is paired with an eccentric and erratic video. It reminds me of something like The Mighty Boosh in the way that madness is at the core above all else. I think Noel Fielding would be proud.

If I had to summarise the tune to a friend I can’t say it would be easy (which doesn’t bode well for me trying to review it but I’m only human), but I’d probably describe it as a wacky, catchy tune with an essential and important message at heart.

Continuing to produce work like this would serve Bunkerpop well in my opinion. My best advice would be to keep being creative in the way want to because, at the end of the day, the belief in what you are making always shows.