Business Cashmere – Social Distance

Taking a little bit of an on point topic given the wider state of affairs in 2020, Business Cashmere have taken a clear shot with Social Distance.

With this positive and upbeat feel, with pleasantly twanging guitars and bopping drums, Social Distance makes for a very easy listening digest that’s filled to the brim with positivity. There’s an equally relaxing feel with the vocals, with that laid back feel that just oozes a simplistic feel that meanders with some laziness.

Despite the pleasantries littered amongst the lyrics and the overall smooth feeling, there doesn’t feel like much connecting the title and the rest of the song. Whether it’s a song that didn’t have a proper name workshopped or a title with a song built around it without much thought, there’s almost no link between the two.

Unfortunately, this gives a very different feel going in expecting one thing, that being something that might be quite charged and socially aware. But instead, its an easy listening track that steers clear of falling into a political undertow. Whilst it does no harm to the song itself, leaving it as a great track that would always be welcome on an easy mix. It may perplex some who come with certain ideas in mind.

To sum up Social Distance is incredibly easy to listen to, and is just the right thing for anyone not wanting to work their brain too hard with their current musical affinities.