Bvrden – Dangerous

The only thing dangerous about Bvrden’s latest release is it’s sadly relatable. A debut single sent from a place of darkness, Bvrden are a pop-rock duo based in London, set to become the new faces of dynamic pop-rock tracks. Titled ‘Dangerous‘, their new single was inspired by a personal relationship breakup.

A short but certainly sweet track, the only sad thing about ‘Dangerous’ is its length. A track you’d love to be longer because of it’s purity, Bvrden’s debut single is still fierce. Telling the story of a man who has hit rock bottom and lost all faith, the track details how letting go and expressing your feelings will always help move on.

Reflecting on what has been instead of feeling optimistic, the trigger in the track for the protagonist is remembering the hurtful memories instead of the happy ones.

A dark track that sadly many people have experienced before, the message behind ‘Dangerous‘ is definitely felt across the world right now with the current pandemic.

An alternative rock track that has secret pop-punk to its undertones, Bvrden’s debut is fast-paced, catchy and expressive. Screaming to end of another chorus.