By Devices – Glad You Called

By Devices’ latest single ‘Glad You Called’ is the kind of pulsating tune you need to get the blood pumping on a cold January night. Their sonic influences are refreshingly different to most indie bands on the circuit at the moment, making for a song that engages your brain as well as your body.

There’s now an argument to say that since we’re in the 2020s, we can start to get properly nostalgic about the early part of this century- and that’s certainly what By Devices are serving with their brand of sweaty, danceable and slightly gothic indie.

Glad You Called’ is erratic in the best way, with jerky stabs of rhythm and bass guitar being loosely held together by a moody post-punk riff on lead, allowing the absolute machine of a drummer to do his worst to the kit. Bloc Party’s Matt Tong would be more than pleased with such a wild and brilliant performance.

The lyrics are pretty straight down the line, but anything too fancy would distract from the incredible pace By Devices play this tune at. The joy of ‘Glad You Called’ is how it sweeps you away in its path like a flash flood and dumps you in the pit at a grimy underground venue.

There’s always room for bands who are willing to go against the grain and put their own stamp on a style, and there’ll surely be a ton of music lovers who will be more than happy to get their teeth stuck into what By Devices have to offer. ‘Glad You Called’ is just a taste of a band who have got a lot of talent in their arsenal.