Cafe Aspen – Sign of the Times

The mixing together of psychedelic guitar riffs and indie rock vibes with a dark twist on the side create a drink that tastes of euphoria. You can get it for a handsome price at Cafe Aspen located in South Yorkshire. 

Where is this cafe you ask? Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but happy to tell you that it’s a band whose moody yet reflective sounds of late 90s alternative rock bring a touching four minutes of thinking time. 

Sign Of The Times harmonises vocals and clean guitars that echo throughout. The bass and drums remain tight and consistent providing the lower and harder hitting moments with the drums sounding so clean and each hit of the snare is pounding through the wall of noise.

The darker edge to the indie sound transcends between the slower drawn out verses to the noisy chorus and really builds up an atmospheric vibe to the song. It’s one to close your eyes to and have encapsulate you, a cosy little piece.