Cafe Aspen – Take

Mixing together a beautiful blend of the 70’s psychedelic with today’s indie rock, and boom, you’ve got Cafe Aspen. After the huge success of their second single “Sign of the Times” back in May, they return with their debut EP. As a collective, they haven’t been together long, but their short career span has already caused the band to have recognition. With upcoming shows set to bring the band into the limelight that little bit more, we’re happy to back this vibrant quartet in any way we can, but for now… let’s “Take” a look at the EP (pardon the pun).

Phantom” is just over 3 minutes and it’s completely golden. Kicking off with a fierce track, the production on this one is simply in your face. Wanting to be heard and begging for attention, it’s safe to say that it’ll keep your gaze and ears for time to come. Only thing I could say about the track to improve on would be making the melody of the number slightly less predictable and more complex. As a whole though, it ties nicely together and is a great start to the EP.

Afflictions features a tight rhythm section that knows what it’s meant to do. Arranged with a wide structure, the screeching guitar riffs are prominent in this one. There’s a nudge towards the production of the 80’s and the moodiness of the 90’s within this track’s core. Blending those two eras are influences together creates this whirlwind wall of noise and we absolutely love it. 

Fuel For The Addict is definitely the strongest track on the EP. Complimented with a luscious chord progression, I honestly couldn’t say anything bad about this track. It flows easily and it showcases the band’s talent. “Nothing is at it seems” plays a memorable lyric that explains that things simply aren’t what you expect in the song. Filled with unpredictability, you’re not sure where the song goes next. Leaving you wanting more and to repeat the track, you’ll find little hidden gems in the track that you didn’t notice before.