Callow Saints – Alexanderplatz Hotel

Female led quartet Callow Saints hail from North Buckinghamshire. Delivering a high amount of energy through their melodic driven powerhouse rock, they return with new single “Alexanderplatz Hotel”, out 5th July. Bringing you up to speeds, Callow Saints already have three EP’s under their sleeves, and they’re not shy to the music industry itself.

Punching the air with their hard hitting rock sound, the latest release is one to cause a storm within their discography and could be the ground-breaking single that the band truly deserve to get to the top.

Alexanderplatz Hotel” tells us a story about a one-sided change in a friendship and longing for the past when everything was different. Drawing you in the powerful arrangement, the soulful vocals lay down the law for the track. You will listen and you won’t ignore, that’s the kind of attitude it portrays. Fierce and meaningful, this track will be a hit within their live shows, which have been known to be ‘spectacular’.

The upbeat indie rhythm that secures the structure to it’s bones is tight from the backing band. Bass and drums bounce off each other as any rhythm section should. Melodic guitars linger the atmosphere with a spacious sound. As a whole, it’s a great track, but it does feel at times that it’s reached it’s dynamic peak. Saying that, towards the end, there’s a subtle but greatly appreciated middle eight that happens to be the best part of the whole track. Imaginative and showing the band in their element, it’s crafted with some fantastic ingredients.