Calva Louise – Rhinoceros

Kid-pop on acid – there’s no better way of describing the energetic, thrill-pumped madness that is Calva Louise’s debut album: Rhinoceros.

It’s not one for the feint hearted, this album. If you’re an avid lounge listener, then expect to feel like you’ve been chucked in the big pool without your inflatable duck. There’s no gradual build-up to this album; it opens with the punchy masterpiece that is I Hear a Cry, a song with a serious punky kick to it, and my personal favourite track of them all.

The vibe is impossible to directly compare to anything in the scene at the moment, there are feels of punk, disco, and good old fashioned rocknroll throughout every song on the album. It’s inspired, exciting, and most importantly: it feels fresh.

The variation on the album is brilliant. Sometimes tracks released together can be audibly linked a little too much, perhaps through their proximity in composition. Songs can inspire each other, and unfortunately can often have blurred lines between them, making them rather susceptible to being merged into one sound. With Rhinoceros, this is not the case.

You have the kick-in-the-teeth hits such as I’m Gonna Do Well and Tug Of War, paired with the more easy-going numbers like No Hay and Down The Stream. This is a great mix. You don’t have your face ripped off by the heavy, punky sound, and you’re not left wanting more from a bag of chilled-out ballads. It’s Perfect.

Rhinoceros is without question an album that will make my playlist for 2019 and beyond. I suggest you give it a spin too.