Camilla Wells – Bones

Camilla Wells has a brand new heart-wrenching electro-acoustic ballad straight out of Milan, in a collaboration with Vincenzo Del Corno and Marco Barusso. Rife with emotion, every inch of the tune is crying out in pain, and is a bit of a somber turn from her previous single ‘Lonely’.

To tell the story of this pain, ‘Bones’ comes complete with its own proper music video. The video is just a short step from overcomplication and, by no accident, is a complex metaphor which depicts Camilla alone in a dystopian world searching for survivors and, eventually, finding one. 

Do not be deceived, however, by the videos’ confusing nature. The message which lies behind it is an important one. As Camilla explained herself, ‘Bones is a song about suffering and the inner strength to overcome it. Unfortunately, some sorrows are so great they become depths and you can’t get out on your own. Asking for help is not a defeat, but a brave act.’. The Italian singer-songwriter is not wrong, and asking for help is, without a doubt, one of the bravest acts.

An impressive feature of ‘Bones’ is the intense display from the singer. It’s clear that she left nothing out in the studio, and poured every ounce of sentiment into the track. This effort is a good indicator of the potential Camilla has. If she can put this sort of work into everything she does, I think she’ll only get better and better.

However, credit where credit is due, what pushes the tune an extra mile is the intricate production undertaken by Del Corno and Barusso. The neat sonic blend serves the song well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Wells working with these two again.

If she can keep up the sound she’s achieved here, complete with the catchiness of ‘Bones’, then there’s no reason why she can’t go far.