Carley Varley – Dirty Laundry

Bournemouth singer songwriter Carley Varley blesses us with her alluring tones in new single Dirty Laundry. Minimal and carried along purely by the strength of her voice, this beautifully crafted mix of folk and pop melodies showcases Varley’s tones beautifully and leaves a permanent impression on all who hear it.

A lot can be said for a track that can hold the listener so fiercely by doing so little, and Dirty Laundry certainly falls into that category. It’s modest, gentle, and never tries too hard to be overpowering. Instead, it relies on the sweet, soothing melodies that she has seemingly perfected, with terrific results.

There is substance behind the beauty in this track too though. This isn’t just a pop song by another singer with a pretty voice, there feels like real meaning behind the words she speaks. Told from the perspective of someone questioning if they should leave or stay, combined with its minimal elements, this feels like it lands somewhere half way between song and story, a style to which her voice lends itself effortlessly to.

It’s hard to emphasise the peaceful charm of Dirty Laundry without beginning to sound like a broken record. It’s a track you need to go away and hear for yourself, preferably alone in a quiet space where you can fully appreciate every magnificent moment from start to finish. A triumphant release from Carley Varley, and I’m sure there’s many more to come.

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