Carnival Kid – The Remains

Carnival Kid team up with one-mad bedroom studio project A Little Nothing and quartet Jovernanté. A collaboration that highlights each artist respectably, ‘The Remains’ calls for domination and a place in your world. An energetic contender with powerhouse drums, passionate vocals, lively guitars and a genuine indie rock arrangement, ‘The Remains’ shines through with a subtle nudge to pop. 

One thing that feels formulaic with the track is that it’s not as invididual as hoped. A track that feels like it would have been an instant hit in the nineties or even early noughties, it’s arrangement feels like it’s been done before. Saying that, the track will still make your feet tap and head bop with it’s memorable nature.

The most powerful thing to come out of ‘The Remains’ is it’s message. Describing the instability of the current world around us, the track details that even the deepest emotions and relationships around us may become a victim over time. It feels like The Remains showcases a true feel-good factor within it’s core, letting listeners feel reassured that everything truly happens for a reason. 

Overall, the new release from this wonderful collaboration sticks to a certain indie rock arrangement and thinks realistically. ‘The Remains’ is a reassuring number that comes in a time where we need all the reassurance we can get. 

Carnival Kid sticks to their guns with open arms.

Here is Carnival Kids last single why we await the release.????