Cascavel : Colombian Flu

Following up their debut single The Fool, Cascavel continue their streak of hits with Colombian Flu. 

With a heavy garage style and plenty of distortion layered over almost every element of the track, Colombian Flu succeeds completely at being a hard hitting and mysterious track. 

With a cryptic set of vocals detailing a woman with a ‘black spider and new voodoo on the wall’, we’re left with something that feels strange and foreign. With the vocals being altered and distorted rather than clean and crisp, we’re left with an unusual and lasting imprint on the brain as the low strung bass still rings in your ear. 

The guitar and bass compliment the aforementioned style of rough production value and garage stylings nicely with their down tuned and deep chugging riffs. Combined with a long space of time where the track is left to breath a little, laying on a thick and smooth guitar solo and bridge before looping back in to the outro. 

The overall pacing keeps a very smooth pace that can be leisurely jammed to, tapping feet and nodding heads all around.

Towards the last third of the track, as the solo really begins to kick in, that’s where the track truly begins to shine, as the beat builds up to a faster tempo, distortion grows louder and the listener is treated to a pounding rhythm that’s sure to leave a lasting mark long after the song has faded out into silence.