Cascavel – The Fool

Freshly formed Cascavel from Sheffield have a shield armed with the most badass of influences. Describing their music as ‘desert blues’, they feature dynamic shifts, elevating choruses and a whole range of juicy guitar tones to create their sound.

Not forgetting the powerhouse drums behind the music, the band are here with their debut release “The Fool” which also features “Secret Thief” as a B side. Released 31st May, the double single has been getting praise all across the UK. Next stop for the band? Fingers crossed for Wembley, lads!

The Fool blends together the feeling of love mixed with hate. While the song is split between the opposite spectrum, there’s a soft blend of the two that makes the song feel a lot more comforting. Whereas the first verse is wanting to be adored and to showcase affection, there’s a sinister feeling of loneliness through the number. We’ve all been there and have been ‘The Fool’ at some point in our lives, but the irony behind the song is that, it’s really ok to have done that.

Being human is about making mistakes and learning from them, and the band have simply done that by writing a killer track. For a band that’s technically still at the beginning, their future is full of what can only be described as a rainbow. If they have more songs under their belt like “The Fool” and “Secret Thief”, they’ve got nothing to worry about. Remember us when you’re famous, chaps!