John Power - Cast - Live In Manchester 2024


Let’s get straight to the point here…Cast blew the roof of Manchester’s iconic Ritz last night with what was, quite simply an astounding set.

First things first though, support was from one of Liverpool’s latest offerings ‘WOO’. The five-piece was well received by the crowd who had done their homework before the show. Delivering an accomplished, energetic set with some great stage presence and sounding much heavier in a live environment, ‘WOO’ are a band you will no doubt be hearing more of.

For this tour, in support of their new album, ‘Love Is The Call’, the core of the band, John Power, Liam ‘Skin’ Tyson and Keith O’Neill have been joined by former Lightning Seed Martyn Campbell on bass and the bands rediscovered dynamics were sensational. Maybe the three have seriously jelled with Martin, maybe it’s the effect of producing probably the finest record of their illustrious career, who knows? Either way, this is definitely a re-invigorated Cast.

So when the band opened with ‘Sandstorm’, which let’s face it is the kind of tune most bands, if they ever came near to such greatness, would keep firmly for the finale, the crowd in the packed-out Manchester Ritz knew it was going to be a good night.

The set was an A to Z, greatest hits from their first two albums, 1995’s ‘All Change’ and 1997’s ‘Mother Nature Calls’ blended wonderfully with the highlights (there are so many really) of the band’s current release ‘Love Is The Call’. New tracks such as ‘Love You Like I Do’ and the mesmerising ‘Faraway’ sit effortlessly alongside timeless classics, ‘Guiding Star’, ‘Free Me’, ‘Finetime’, and ‘Walk Away’… there are so many to choose.

John Power was in a particularly talkative mood, talking of his love of the new record, about how it’s wonderful he can now stop talking about and describing it, adding ‘….now it’s out there, It’s yours’s, the records yours now…. It belongs to you’…. and judging by the crowd’s reaction tonight, it will rightly be a very treasured possession indeed.

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