Catching Mangoes – Outlaw Bandit

With a name like Catching Mangoes, unfamiliar listeners would be forgiven for making assumptions on just exactly what the band would sound like. Chances are you’d be wrong, however.

Though the name might well harbour tropical connotations, the Bright-based four-piece themselves relish in a genre-bending mish-mash of idiosyncrasy, though their roots are firmly in the realm of classic rock. And though this is especially true of their earlier releases, ‘Voices’ or ‘Fizzled Out’ for instance, there’s still a rich vein of rock history present in the band’s more recent releases, though each member’s influence and individuality feel much more present as well.

Catching Mangoes’ latest single, ‘Outlaw Bandit’ is arguably their most idiosyncratic to date. A gently loping track that unfurls steadily across its four-minute run time, there’s an almost country and western vibe on offer, one that never quite boils over into full blown dust-caked cowboy blues, and is all the better for it.

Indeed, it could have been easy for the band to fall into full pastiche here. Instead, they succeed in combining the band’s own personality with more the typical conventions of the genre, resulting in a track that feels familiar while managing to stand out against similar offerings.

The second single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album Kevin’s Town, the concept of its lyrics might seem a little out there, but with it tying into the album’s overall narrative nicely, all will be revealed in due course.