Cavernzz – II

Out via Warm Laundry Records, Canvernzz‘ new album II is not for the faint-hearted. No, there’s no sign of blood within this release, what you’ll encounter instead is a lo-fi, experimental album fuelled with alternative rock sensibilities.

First track ‘Sunday‘ begins with an eerie atmosphere and unveils as the perfect soundtrack to what sneaking up on a crocodile would sound like, if that was a thing. Before evolving into an indie rock soundscape, it’s one of those tracks you need to listen to a couple of times before finally ‘getting it’. ‘Cleaned‘ features a nostalgic bass-line straight out of post-punk street. Completely original and armed with lo-fi boundaries, the edgy production is progressive and builds into a glitch filled realm of craziness.

Broken‘ instantly grabs your attention with it’s more ‘normal’ sound. Armed with a mainstream alternative rock guitar tone, ‘Broken’ glides with an easy-listening vision and serves as one of the album’s strongest tracks. ‘Scarlett’s Favourite Season‘ begins with, what feels like, the opening chords to a coming of age movie that doesn’t exist (but it should). Contemporary lo-fi at it’s finest, the fourth track on II is pure bliss.

Art Money‘, aka the first single that was released from II, tells the warming tribute of two key figures departing the small and dedicated arts scene in Milton Keynes . A comforting number that specialises in guidance, this track showcases a new sides to Cavernzz. While tracks ‘Evening Bath’, ‘Glass Town Obsrevatory’, ‘Heartbreak for England’, ‘Please Don’t Let Me Die in Milton Keynes’ are bathed in a melancholic eclipse, ‘Guy’s Hospital’, ‘Midnight Mood’ and ‘Forgive My Heart’ feel like the album ends on an optimistic side.

An album mainly for lovers of the alternative side of music.