Cestra – Monument

Kat Marsh aka enchanting singer-songwriter Cestra releases captivating single ‘Monument’, from recently released album ‘Portal’. After working with Bring Me The Horizon over the past few years, Kat ventures into her own realm of individuality with ethereal project Cestra. An innovative performer streaming with originality, ‘Monument’ is bold and needs your full attention. 

With the album taking listeners through an emotional journey through themes of loss and rebirth, ‘Monument’ is five minutes of pure bliss. Recorded at Middle Farms Studios in Devon with producer and collaborator Peter Miles, the leading single features a progressive feel and an avant-garde nature. Featuring Parallax Orchestra as the string section, the personal single is fuelled with luscious melodies and distinctive moments of character. 

Weaving through avenues of alternative, industrial and hectic electronica, ‘Monument’ is now only experience for your ears to munch on, but its cinematic arrangement lets fans’ imagination run wild. With the title of the album coming from the first lyric of Monument, ‘Portal’ is a rollercoaster ride through heightened emotions.

A force to be reckoned with, Cestra lets listeners be part of the fun, in what feels like an interactive journey in not only Monument but the whole album.