Chadwick Station – Coming Back For More

Chadwick Station’s latest single “Coming Back for More” is a powerful blend of instrumentation and soothing vocals which creates an uplifting track reminiscent of Louis Armstrong but with hints of the band’s British roots. “Coming Back for More” utilises the sounds and styles of the 50s and 60s with a modern new twist, the trumpets scream and harmonise in unison with the vocals in a soulful eruption of sound.

It’s always a pleasure to hear a track about heartbreak that isn’t a cliché, but Chadwick Station pull this off with complete ease. “But somehow I keep coming back for more” is a sentiment that we have all connected with at some point in our lives and Chadwick Station paint the picture in our minds eye with a stroke of a phonic brush which could be held by any of the greats of the 20th century. It’s an artistic tradition to have duality at the forefront of a subject, and Coming Back for More’s lyrical content paired with the instrumentation is a beautiful blend of sadness and positivity wrapped in the band’s eclectic musical influences.

The arrangement and layering of the track shows a large degree of musical intelligence but continues to drive throughout the whole track in a stunningly pop-like fashion. This song is a versatile and bright mix of the band’s roots in Britain and their influence from America that will have you on your feet and ironically “Coming Back for More”, I very much look forward to seeing what the band release next.