Chaela - What You Like

Chaela – What You Like

Eastbourne-based songwriter and vocalist Chaela gives us pure electro dance pop with latest single ‘What You Like’.

Garnering recognition after her first summery track ‘Neon’, back in 2018 – Chaela has gone on to collaborate with producers and other artists alike on various songs including ‘Lose Me’ with Joyside, ‘Still Sinking’ with LA artist Matt Tremblay and most recently the Drum n’ Bass number ‘Levitate’ with NuDivision.

‘What You Like’, her debut with fresh London label Only Ambition Records, is a three-and-a-half-minute track channelling a lively Tropical EDM vibe with a definite nod to House influences. Chaela showcases her rich soulful vocals as she sings of a dancefloor flirtation and whether this lust is genuine.  

“Look into my eyes babe / Is this what you want? / Is this what you like?” 

Complete with echoing layered falsetto vocals, a thumping bassline and euphonic hooks, ‘What You Like’ is certainly reminiscent of past dance hits whilst including all the right ingredients to become a future classic itself.

The relatable themes of youth and desire, plus Chaela’s strong vocal style bring to mind fellow female artists such as Dua Lipa, Nina Nesbitt and Becky Hill. And this track has us longing for return of the dancefloors we’ve missed so much.