CHANG – Tinderella

Intense is not the word when it comes to CHANG’s new single ‘Tinderella’. Heavy from the get-go, the band bash through 3 minutes of hardcore noise.

Bar from a much needed breakdown halfway through, this tune is relentless as it powers through everything in its path. However, this doesn’t mean it hasn’t been carefully crafted. It isn’t just thrashing noise the whole time. Each instrument is woven together with the others to construct a complex and intriguing rock track. On top of that, explosive vocals from lead singer Alexandra sit neatly over it.

Describing themselves, the band said, “CHANG doesn’t censor its noise, nor will it be subdued by stupid genre analytics. It does what it wants to.”. For that reason, I won’t try and tell you what they want to be, because it seems they’re not even sure what they want to be. All I know is that they’re coming out with head-banging tracks that just don’t hold back.

I think it’s fair to say that despite the clear care that has gone into crafting the tune, there is still an element of chaos that unnerves you. This seems to follow along with, as said by themselves, ‘the band’s balls-out energy and trademark unpredictability’.

I would argue at points that they may take this unpredictability too far. What I mean by this is that, at the end of the song, there are 10 seconds of what sounds like random jamming. Maybe it’s just me, other people might love it, but I didn’t personally need it.

Despite my thoughts, I don’t think this will phase CHANG too much. They’ve already picked up attention from BBC Radio 6 Music and Radio X, and now have a second album on the way. It seems like there’s nothing they’ll let get in their way.

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