Charlotte Branson – Burning Desire

Last week saw Sheffield’s Charlotte Branson release her new single, ‘Burning Desire’, her second single of the year, following on from the much loved ‘Enemy’. ‘Burning Desire’ really allows for Charlotte to shine, the vintage feel within this track bodes wonderfully with her strong vocals which have definitely improved since previous releases. 

The track is about having an addiction to someone, however, Charlotte’s lyricism leaves it open for the listeners to interpret, letting them decide whether ‘Burning Desire’ is about being addicted to a person, or a substance. 

With this release, Charlotte Branson aims to highlight the effects of addiction and getting caught up on someone, stating both the positives and negatives of attachment whilst strong vocals take centre stage. 

Burning Desire’ is a gorgeous track, seeing Charlotte expand on her previous releases to create something powerful. It holds hard-hitting lyrics destined to resonate within Charlotte’s audience as she continually hones her craft, leading to her having a catalogue of tracks up her sleeve.