Charlotte Branson – Enemy

This immensely personal new track from Sheffield singer Charlotte Branson delves into ideas of negativity and insecurities that being locked down has bought to the surface for so many. A song that puts the spotlight upon those feelings many hideaway, Enemy is not only deeply catchy but also has an important narrative that will touch a vast number of us.

This is a pop song at heart, but even though the power in Branson’s voice you still feel a sense of haunting in the verses, especially during the opening of the song, as the distant piano and echoing vocals form a strangely beautiful sense of aloneness.

Where this tune really masks the darkness which is held within it is through its invigorating upbeat rhythms in the chorus. Even with its real reflective message there feels a distinct sense of hope as the melody breaks out from the floaty verses and lifts the whole vibe of the track heavenward.

The true strength of Enemy though is simply, and undeniably, Branson’s voice. Whether it be through the stripped-back sections or top heavier instrumentals, you are consistently drawn to the hunger and outright passion which she has been gifted in her voice. Even after the first time hearing her it becomes almost unmistakable, and it is this which transforms a story of insecurities into what feels more like a quest for inner strength and reassures you it is one you can succeed in.

In short, this tack is Branson telling us how we all feel, but she says it with more vigour, and more beauty that we could ever hope to, and with unwavering power.