Chay Snowden – Loud Shirts

Loud shirts, loud guitars and fiery rock ‘n roll, Chay Snowden bleed the Americana vibes with an indie rock twist.

The Plymouth group explode with a guitar-led riff that becomes the main focus of the instrumentals throughout the track and reminisces of early Arctic Monkeys.

Loud Shirts is a track full of energy and has a vintage appeal to it, which can be taken from the band’s influences in proto-punk and glam rock. However, I’m definitely hearing more modern indie rock structures in their music. This is further highlighted by the rhythm guitars in the outro pounding away behind that infectious lead riff.

Snowden’s vocals roar out like classic 70’s rock and punch through the instrumental mode. It works well with the low note guitars and makes me wonder if both vocals and guitar can get a little higher. Could we possibly heard some Zeppelin yelling?

Alas, it is a tasty piece of rock music with standard song-writing structure with educated writing to entertain the masses.

Chay Snowden’s debut EP “Are You Sitting Comfortably?” is due out mid-March and features the single Loud Shirts.