Chay Snowdon – Tough Guys Die First

Paying ode to villainous characters, Chay Snowdon’s upcoming single ‘Tough Guys Die First’ is a hyper concoction of fuelled energy.

Subtle hints of an ‘80s glamour rock influence combine itself with the accessibility of modern indie rock in ‘Tough Guys Die First’. The songs trebly bassline cuts through the intro and introduces the tracks counter-melodic, gritty vocals. With overdriven guitar chords filling out the end of each vocal line and hard-hitting rock beats stapling a strong backbone, the instrumental arrangement has certainly been composed with detail. The build-up to the chorus flows effortlessly cool- creating anticipation and excitement towards the following section.

The chorus of ‘Tough Guys Die First’ definitely doesn’t shy away from impactful. Conjuring the pumped-up energy of rocky, catchy choruses, the melodies explored by each instrument hold a strong and effective rock aesthetic. Because the vocals are gritty and dry, the chorus may have benefitted from incorporating either harmonies or backing vocals to fill out its impact just a little bit more.

Again, in the breakdown of the track during its second half, the vocals could have used something to fill out space a little more (e.g. either backing vocals or effects such as reverb) just so they don’t lose their impact over the busy instrumentation of the track. Caffeinated jungle-drums carry the stamina of the section with dramatic guitar chords overhead, leading us into a half time, penultimate chorus. Choosing a half-time chorus instead of jumping straight back into a normal one was definitely a great choice as it sprinkles a little bit of contrast within its latter half.

Tough Guys Die First’ is certainly an exciting new entry to the world of guitar music. Displaying young and ready energy both instrumentally, and through tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Chay Snowdon shows they’re ready to take on anyone in their way.