Children of the State – Hot Money

Dark, and harbouring more than a sense of danger, ‘Hot Money’ is the first song to be taken from Children of the State’s excellently titled forthcoming EP Tragic Carpet and the Magical Wasp Gang from Notre Dame, and indeed the first to be released since the band’s move to Manchester. And one can’t help but feel the pervading influence of the city’s bleak industrial history past at play within the track’s inherent claustrophobia.

Arguably the band’s heaviest single to date, it bridges the gap between sleaze-soaked rock ‘n’ roll and the heady hypnosis of ‘60s psychedelia perfectly. Described by the band as an “observation of greed and hyper-capitalism, with a German bridge that describes cash as the science of the world”, one might be forgiven for assuming that they’ve taken the spirit of ‘60s a little too far. But they’d be wrong.

Far from feeling archaic, or even nostalgic, ‘Hot Money’ is a bleak, almost dystopic warning that feels like it couldn’t have come at a better time. A liberal fuzz is heaped over guitars, to the point of them feeling almost caustic, whilst a rhythmic and propulsive bottom end provides the backbone over which the sleazy vocals are lazily laid.

Something of a departure from their sun-kissed, blissed-out semi-surf rock of previous releases, ‘Hot Money’ is the sound of cynicism manifest in a band emerging out the other side of a maturing process. Short, sharp and immediately to the point, the depressing reality of a world gone to shit has never sounded so good.