Children of the State – I Shiver When I Burn

Children of the State are yet another band making me more and more impressed with the emerging music scene in Sheffield. There’s very good reason these guys are headlining the iconic Leadmill in May. Not got a ticket yet? I think you know what to do. 

Wistful and nostalgic. That’s how I’d best some up the newest offering from Children of the State. Their single ‘I Shiver When I Burn’, the precursor to their second EP ‘Gideon’s Bible’, drags the sounds of the 60s and 70s, the glistening pop-laced guitar music, that sultry swing, the gritty guitar tones fighting against uplifting brass, right into 2019 with ease. It doesn’t feel dated, despite the band themselves making reference to musical inspiration from decades ago, and that’s a real plus for me. Nor does it drag.

The 3 minutes 51 second duration walks the tightrope between long enough to feel as though you’ve been taken from place A to place B by Children of the State, but at no point do you feel like you’re not enjoying the scenery en route. It’s slow-paced, and yet also incessantly catchy, relaxing, and yet always forcing you to listen that little bit harder every time round.

I can’t really say much else on this one. Their EP Gideon’s Bible drops on May 3rd, and just like they ask you to do on their Facebook page, I’ll be keeping the date free. Top notch!

???? Photo Credit : Trust a Fox