What better way to kick start your music career than with a release set to cause a storm within the world of rap? Well, for London based artist CHOZE, he is set to do just that with his new, debut album ‘D.I.Y’. Lyrically flawless in every direction possible, there isn’t a single moment in this 11-piece concoction of brilliance where you feel the urge to stop listening. The songs are powerful, they are raw, and most importantly, they are creative. What more could you want from a release?

A key trait for all new songs entering the grime scene is having that fast-paced rhythm set to drive any listener into a state of pure fire and energy. But has CHOZE managed to do this? Of course he has. Particularly heard in tracks such as ‘Built 4 Dis ft. Lion Art’, ‘Drug Muzic’, and ‘Wake Up ft. Corpz’, it’s hard to catch a breath when chanting along with the lyrics that Choze so effortlessly delivers. If that isn’t a sign of a good artist, then I don’t know what is.

However, with every blazing rhythm, you also need that crisp melody. And again, CHOZE has provided us with just that throughout ‘D.I.Y’. Bringing a nostalgic essence to the plate, songs such as ‘Badderz’, ‘Last 1’s Left’, ‘I apologise’ and ‘Sending the Signs’ all carry a melody set to take you back to a time where corona was simply a beverage and dancing with each other was not considered a crime. It’s an intense feeling for sure – of both wanting to enjoy the music being played before you, but at the same time craving so deeply that feeling of being in a crowd bopping to your favourite beat. It takes a lot for a song to make you feel so many mixed emotions, so a round of applause to CHOZE for these incredible releases.

As well as being an album full of sprightly songs, there are some solemn moments within the release that definitely provide a balanced outlook. ‘D.I.Y Interlude’ is the perfect example of a track that demonstrates an artist’s capability to provide range and diversity within an album. Taking on a much slower pace, you really get to grips with CHOZE’S indubitable talents for lyric and rhyme. “In a system which fabricates us to be boxed in, surrounded by screws like a prison, sublimely drilling screws in us, for us to get screwed in the system” he utters. His words will speak to many, and his words will act as a narration for them. Delivering them proud and loud, there is nothing more refreshing than seeing an artist speak the truth in such a creative and powerful way: it’s a breath-taking moment that needs to be heard.

To say this is CHOZE’S debut album is simply astonishing. He is the picture of pure talent, and no one could say otherwise. And, even if rap isn’t your taste, I can guarantee there will be at least one song in ‘D.I.Y’ that will blow you away. So turn that volume up, get on your feet and get ready to feel the full force of CHOZE, because believe me, he will be coming in full swing.