Originally due to play his first night up north on the 21st of February; he
will now performing here on Thursday 9 March, Sunday 12 March, and Monday 13

His ‘Under the Influence tour has been highly anticipated and hyped within
the media since its announcement and his Wireless Festival performance.

From partying with Connor McGregor, and being involved in an alleged club
brawl most recently after his London show- this Virginia-raised singer is no
stranger to controversy and criticism, which leads us to wonder how he is still
selling out three nights at the AO Arena and multiple nights in London. Is it
his charm? His ability to perform? Is his stage full of backup dances? Or perhaps
his decade’s worth of released music. This father of three aims to please and
leaves fans hopeful- but has this heartthrob really left his problematic ways
in the past?

The arena became packed as fans from all over made their way to their seats,
settled in for the two hour show. Receiving backlash from multiple publications,
and briefly stopping his signature Take You Down ‘Lap dance’ due to recent
events- fans wait in anticipation to see what kind of show this will turn out
to be.

First on the bill was a brand new South African performer TYLA and DJ Jae
Murphy- parading the stage in a gorgeous ensemble of neon pieces. Hyping the
crowd with her R&B/Afro beat set list; the seemed to be the perfect opener
for Mr Brown.

As the stage darkens, and a screen of otherworldly cartoons a projected on
the screens- Chris is lowered from the air to stage in bright red get up,
matching the features of the stage. The atmosphere can only be described as a
ginormous party- the best kind of party with all dancing and no judgement.

‘Beautiful People’ and ‘Yeah x3’ of course only caused more commotion- hits
upon hits. People remark ‘they have never seen a show like it’ and I would have
to agree; the stage production and dancers to match are some of the best I have
ever seen.

As the singer takes a pause, he comes downstage and greets Manchester. ‘How
we all doing? Y’all look wonderful’- with charm we have all come to expect from
the artist.

Moving into the Memory Section, the father of three begins to take us through
his career in the early 2000’s. A truly iconic time for most fans
watching . Of course including a pretty tame lap dance with a fan during take me
down. A moment I’m sure this young lady will remember for life.

Two outfit changes later and fifty songs, Chris takes a moment to thank his
incredible backing dancers which in all honesty have been taking the spotlight
all night. Promising nothing but the hits and after two hours of dancing, singing
and romancing- only furthers proof as to why Chris is still selling out three
nights at the AO.

Can the music really be separated from the artist? Love him or hate him; the
the craftsmanship of the show is something to be seen and learnt from by everyone
and anyone.