Chris McConville – The Arrow of Time

Chris McConville unleashes his third single of the year into the wilderness. ‘The Arrow of Time‘ is armed with a fierce electronic soundscape transported straight from, what sounds like, the 80s. Certainly out there and innovative, this is Chris’ first piano led track to date. Despite the Pandemic, Chris has been keeping busy throughout the year and has released three singles, three remixes and a three track EP. This certainly confirms that good things DO come in three’s.

Musically, ‘The Arrow of Time’ is filled with synths, unique drum beats and a dance-like production. Lyrically, the track is inspired by Physicist Brian Cox’s tv show ‘Wonders of The Unique’. An out of this world single that could easily feature on cinematic productions, ‘The Arrow of Time‘ soars with confidence. Produced by Chris, the electronic dance number is infused by Chris’ other sub-genres, and influences, such as downtempo, indie pop, and even psychedelia.

Dynamically, the track stays at the same momentum literally from the first second until the last. Not building in any way instrumentally, but vocally instead, this isn’t your usual electronic track. Free spirited and aiming to bring originality to the table, Chris McConville’s superb new track points his career upwards and ready for whatever the future lies ahead.