Chris Too Far – Mess Around

Emerging solo artist Chris Too Far announces the release of his debut single ‘Mess Around‘. No stranger to the industry as a whole, Chris has penned songs for other acts as well as performing nationally at radio roadshows. Bringing you up to speed, Chris has recently spent time in the USA working with Grammy nominated producer Brandon Friesen, who has produced Chris’ first releases.

Titled ‘Mess Around’, the electronic pop soundscape sounds like the summer. Lounging by a swimming pool with a cocktail in hand, this is the type of track that’s destined to make people feel alive. Bright and fusing exotic flavourings into the mix, the production feels slightly piercing in places. Hard to ignore and up close and personal, it feels like the EQ isn’t fully right with the high end of the mix in places. Saying that, that’s something you actually need for a pop track.

Pop music refuses to be left on the shelf, and is bound to get you grooving away, and ‘Mess Around’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Instantly gaining your attention with it’s intimate vocal placement, Chris’ vocals are truly exceptional. Armed with a memorable chorus and elevating instrumentation, ‘Mess Around’ will make you miss those warm days even more.