Christine and the Queens


Christine and the Queens returned to Manchester last night and gave so much more than your regular run of the mill gig. This was a very special evening and RGM went down to capture it in all it’s glory.

Just under ten years ago French alternative singer Christine and the Queens made their break through with the release of his debut album ‘Chaleur Humane’ (2014). Since then, Chris as he is also known professionally, has made a huge impact on the music scene and in popular culture, being listed as one of France’s most influential people. This evening it was easy to see why.

The stage setting alone, before the stunning ambient light and music had started caught my eye. Unusual props including a large stone lion and a number of stone statues were places across the academy stage. As the lights dimmed, the crowds reaction was immense, as Chris made his way down a small flight of stairs, beautifully choreographed in time to the first track ‘Tears can be so soft’.

The choreography alone was outstanding, intertwined with motivational dialogue and of course the songs, made this so much more than a gig, it was a full sensory experience. Incorporating art with Rodin-esque stone statues, drama, dance, singing, instruments courtesy of a talented backing band and of course being in the presence of a true artist who captivates an audience, at times making me forget I was meant to be taking photographs, too busy watching this performance piece unfold.

The set list was slick, and the songs seemed to melt into each other as smooth as Chris’s movement’s across the stage. It felt like a fever dream at times, the intense heat on this Indian summer evening and this at times overwhelming piece of art unfolding on stage, quite a sensory overload, but an experience non the less, and one I would urge anyone to attend should the opportunity arise. Certainly, from a visual perspective, one of the gigs of the year so far for me.

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