Cieran Collett – Fly

Cieran Collett is a hip-hop artist with pop elements in the mixture of his music. Residing in the small town of Stony Plain in Canada, this musician has built up a name for himself over the past few years as one to watch. Back learning to fly high with a spiritual new contender, “Fly” is an accomplished single that feels calming and the ultimate driving single.

Entirely cinematic and something that would fit the silver-screen with it’s elegant nature, “Fly” reminisces driving down any sort of coast and feeling free to explore. A time we all want more than anything, “Fly” escapes the world’s current toxicity and feels like a shelter from the storm.

From the perspective of someone seeing a situation from outside of a relationship, “Fly” encourages always being the better person and staying true to yourself. Instrumentally, it glistens with confidence in all the right places.

A few cracks here and there from the track’s too polished’ production, there are times where it feels to good to be true. Toning down the autotuned production may give the track the extra authenticity that it needs.

Saying that the overall concept and vibe from the single is great and showcases an artist ready to take his music to the next level.