Citations – Parks

Emerging from the deep recesses of Cornwall, Citations bring a single that hits home in some way to everyone. 

It’s something that every person has to go through as they grow older, pushing out of your twenties and into the true middle age period of your life. The use of retrospective and how lyrical content focuses on dealing with moving to that next stage of life makes Parks have that relatable impact, one that crosses the generational gap and makes for an interesting track. 

With the lyrics bringing about a very nostalgic kind of feel, dropping names of friends potentially known by the writer is a nice touch, giving a personal touch that really rounds things out. 

With a great use of unity amongst all instruments at hand, Parks encapsulates how a band can really come together to sound like one entity. Mixing together every aspect and never once truly giving the spotlight to any particular member makes for an all-for-one kind of style. 

Individually the instruments are used with great effect, with a bumping bass that thumps and twangs to a satisfying degree. Complimented by a more high strung guitar that counterbalances the deep notes nicely with a classic indie rock style. 

The vocals themselves are a slight point of contention, becoming a little muffled in some places but never falling down to the point where they’re just noise amongst the music. 

Overall Parks makes for a delightfully easy going track, that encompasses the existential dread of entering your thirties, but also makes a note to let you know you aren’t alone in this plight.